Queen Palm International Film Festival's Corona Creates Contest was designed for all films that were created during the Coronavirus Pandemic & Lock Down of 2020 as well as for films whose subject matter reflects any aspect of these unprecedented times that we are living in.


Congratulations to our incredible Winners!

We Hear Running (2020)

Canada | English | 11min | Color | Drama/Thriller Short

Director: Karine Dashney

How two family members cope in isolation when the world has gone awry. Dani, a reclusive workaholic, self isolates in her apartment after a recent pandemic left her working from home. Elliot, her older brother, has made repeated attempts to contact her, but finds no answer, descending deeper into a disconnected reality as loneliness and depression overwhelm his sense of self.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Sane..? (2020)

United Kingdom | English | 3min | Color | Animation Short

Director: Nick Hales

A tale of working from home whilst losing your grip in lockdown. Creator, Director and Animator Nick Hales created this multi-award winning short over lockdown 2020.

Beat the Curve (2020)

South Africa | English | 2min | Color | PSA Short

Directors: Bruce Macdonald, Shane Martin

A short film PSA that showcases the effect of the COVID 19, and how humans are forced to live.

Beat the Curve
(dir. Bruce Macdonald, Shane Martin, South Africa)
We Hear Running
(dir. Karine Dashney, Canada)
(dir. Xabsio Zweni, South Africa)
A Midsummer Day's Dream
(dir. Shigeyuki Komatsubara, Japan)
Dear Quarantine
(dir. Tuğba Yiğitcan, Turkey)
Come Closer
(dir. Frank Meyer, Maged Mohamed, Germany)
Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Sane?
(dir. Nick Hales, South Africa)
(dir. Andree Sascha, Indonesia)
Get to the Party
(dir. Victoria Chudinova, Ukraine)
Sunday Morning
(dir. Emelie Claxton, USA)
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Freedom & Fear
(dir. Johannes Ziegler, Germany)
A Strange Season
(dir. Burak Oguz Saguner, Turkey)
No Internet
(dir. Kyle Lawrence, Canada)
Dance until she died
(dir. Tyler J. French, USA)
(dir. Elanor Miller, United Kingdom)
Jenny & Jimmy: A Glimpse
(dir. John Macdonald & Florian Robin, United Kingdom)
(dir. Martin K Hansen, Denmark)
Time to be a Boy
(dir. Antonio Aleixo, Portugal)
Willie in the Sky
(dir. Nathaniël Siri, USA)
Love Can't Be Locked Down
(dir. Naman Gupta, USA)
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2020: A Corona Odyssey
(dir. Cameron Perry, United Kingdom)
Don't worry
(dir. Mana Pakseresht, Iran)
Four Walls
(dir. Dominic Ryan, United Kingdom)
(dir. Krister Persson, USA)
Lock Town
(dir. Antonio Benedetto, Italy)
(dir. Charly Santagado, Eriel Santagado, USA)
(dir. Alan Bidard, Martinique)
Luca and Iso
(dir. Damian Overton, Ed Cali, Australia)
(dir. Andrew Ball-Shaw, United Kingdom)
My One True Love
(dir. Emma Pitt, United Kingdom)
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