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  • Rehab (by Matt Johnson, USA)

  • Neptune's Honor (by Larry Thomas, USA)

  • Jackie Rae (by Kip Pearson, USA)

  • Remains (by Gilad Barak & Boaz Salomon, Israel)

  • Ft. Lynn (by Shay Dognia, USA)

  • Rubber Arm (by William Williams, USA)

  • LAJJAWATI (by Sumathy Ram & Charles Leopardo, USA)

  • That 80’s Guy (by Craig Fones & Larry Coulter, USA)

  • Running (by Sean Chandler, USA)

  • My Father’s Will (by Lea Ann Vandygriff, USA)

  • The Middle Diamond (by David Law, USA)

  • You Didn't Come to See My Band (by David Ballard, USA)

  • Now Again (by Louis Cox, USA)


  • The Joymaker (by Tara Grover Smith, USA)

  • A Mother’s Love (by Lisa Haigh & Emily Haigh, United Kingdom)

  • First Day (by Brad Cooper, USA)

  • Willy Won’t (by Jeffrey Morin, USA)

  • Emmet & Joey (by Kip Pearson, USA)

  • The Karma of Bocce (by Duncan Putney, USA)

  • Call the Hogs (by Kelly L. Perine & John Gloria, USA)

  • Escapement (by Phil McCarron, USA)

  • The Last Creation (by Brad Cooper, USA)


  • The Radioactive Kid (by Marco North, USA)

  • Free Sports Radio "Desert Island or Oasis" (by James Palmer, USA)

  • Death of a Revolutionary (by Marshall Ferrin, USA)

  • Hopefuls (by Erica Owens, USA)

  • The Mobsters Boss (by Dana Maree Olita, USA)