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  • Running the Bases (by Marty Roberts, Jimmy Womble & Mark Harville, USA)

  • Benny and the Jets (by Ginger Casey, USA)

  • The Real Thing (by Matthew Papadopoulos, Australia)

  • Coop (by Joe Leone, USA)

  • Face Painters (by Giovanni Sanseviero, USA)

  • The Chessmaster, The Artist, The Priest and The Gypsy (by Robert Cole, USA)

  • At the Mercy of Faith (by Samuel Taylor, USA)

  • The Lost Mine (by Zoe Gieringer, USA)

  • Bones of Ribbon (by Ashley Sanders, Australia)

  • Lost in Cupidity (by Erica Owens, USA)

  • Drag Queen Ninjas (by Michael Van Patten & Jason Fedusenko, USA)


  • Sunset Strip (by Alexander Osman, United Kingdom)

  • Love is Mute (by Jean-Marc Le Doux, USA)

  • The Bench (by Jean Maye, United Kingdom)

  • Superbug (by Gio Forlenza, USA)

  • Cal's Strings (by Domanique Cummings, USA)

  • N.D.E. (by Jean Galliano, USA)

  • The Blue Suit (by Eric White, USA)


  • Oaksterdum - Pilot  (by Aleksandar Filimonovic & Nemanja Colovic, USA)

  • Cauldron - Episode 1 (by Amy Nicholls, Australia)

  • Death of a Revolution - Episode 1 (by Marshall Ferrin, USA)

  • Levi's Pet Emporium (by Gemma Paul, United Kingdom)

  • Dead Wrong “Enough” Pilot (by Emily Haigh & Lisa Haigh, United Kingdom)

  • Corporate Goes Kind (by Jaclyn Natoli, USA)

  • Portrait of a Mexicana Poet in Iowa City (by James Fitzmaurice, United Kingdom)

  • No. 47 Ate my Uber! - Episode 1 - Bite Me! (by Eileen Wilson, United Kingdom)