• Paradise (directed by Even Wu, USA) 

  • Artur Rojek - "Sport Life" (directed by Michał Marczak, Poland) 

  • Highland Home (directed by Dan Schaefer, USA) 

  • A New Generation (directed by Jason Winfield, USA) 

  • Friend Anxiety (directed by Daniel Díaz & Gloria Tejero, Spain) 

  • Birth of the Monster (directed by Nikita Dovzhenko & Stepan Nakhaev, Czech Republic) 

  • Kalo by NAOHA (directed by Pracheta Ahana Alam, Bangladesh) 

  • Ne Me Quitte Pas with Fantasy Impromptu (directed by Leonardo Fiorito , Alexandre Moretzsohn, Brazil) 

Artur Rojek - Sports Life
Highland Home
A New Generation
Friend Anxiety
Birth of the Monster
Kalo by NAOHA
Ne Me Quitte Pas
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  • The Giant Deep Reds (Trailer) (directed by Maurice Micallef, Malta) 

  • Lovemobil (Trailer) (dir. Elke Lehrenkrauss, Germany) 

  • Run Nixon (Trailer)  (directed by SkyDirects, USA) 

  • 40 Minutes Over Maui (dir. Michael Feld, Josh Covitt, USA)

The Giant Deep Reds
Run Nixon
40 Minutes Over Maui
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Original Score / Composition

  • Sixth Grade (Score by Yuqi Zhou, China)

  • The Cattle Farmer (Score by Benjamin Doherty,  USA) 

  • Patron (Score by Fort Nowhere, United Kingdom)

  • With (Music by Lola James Harper, France) 

  • Jingle the Dog - A Christmas Story (Score by Chris Bishop, USA)

  • Coastal Fire: A Common Diary (Score by Susan Maughlin Wood, USA) 

  • The Lost End (Score by Marie Weill, USA)

Original Song

  • Five Minutes Fast (By Lizzy Cameron, from the film “Just in Time”, USA)

  • How our lives would go (By Ryan Malcolm / From the film “Age of Dysphoria", Canada)

  • Something Better  (Written by Lilia Buckingham & Jillian Shea Spaeder, Performed by Jillian Shea Spaeder, USA)   

  • We’re Best Friends (Written by Mike Baker / From the film “Li'l Chit Chat") 

  • Is That You? (By Debra M. Gussin & Rik Howard, USA) 

  • The Lost End (Written & Performed by Marie Weill, USA)

  • Highland Home (By Kurt Rosenberg, Arranged and Recorded by Tim Gorman, Vocals by Karen Johnson-Miller, USA) 

  • Closure (by Ulona Hooman with Rami Mekdachi, from the film “With”, France) 


  • Ours to Tell

  • The Barber

  • Sticker

  • Platform

  • The Seahorse Trainer

  • Tender is the Kiss

  • Show Mercy

  • Ironrite

  • Hors Piste

  • The Prisoner

  • Reclaiming the Negative

  • Lost

  • Tony

  • Another Child

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