• The Death of Jeremy (by David Seader, USA) 

  • 12 ( by Korstiaan Vandiver & Danielle Marshay Lee, USA)

  • Chusei (Allegiance) (by Phil Hollins & Christopher J. Washington, USA)

  • Pulled From Darkness (by George A. Johnson, USA) 

  • Brook Farm (by Alexander Wake, USA)

  • Room Service (by Joseph D'Urso, USA)

  • The Spiritualization of Jeff Boyd (by Uwe Schwarzwalder, Switzerland) 

  • Taffeta (by Nancy Nyman & Heather McNama, USA)

  • The Defender (by GJ Hewitt, United Kingdom) 

  • Queen of Newburgh (by Lisa Cole, Veronica Moody, USA)

  • Second Chance City (by Samuel C. Morrison, Jr., USA)

  • Grynszpan/Thompson (by Hal LaCroix, USA)

  • Review (by Jonathan Zarantonello, USA) 

  • Death with Dice (by Dean Harakas, USA) 

  • Halfway to Heaven (by Carmine Bicchetti, USA) 

  • Jail Break (by Jordan Taylor, United Kingdom)

  • Pizza Dough (by George Massimillo, USA)

  • Arnie (by Jerry Stephen Ice, USA) 

  • The Change (by Cynthia E. Zeiden, USA) 

  • The Pink House (by Miguel Ángel Parra, Spain)

  • Blitzed (by Trevor Norkey, USA)

  • The Christmas Kid (by Carmen Christopher Lindsay, USA)

  • Wide as the Western Sky (by Jeanne Dukes, USA)

  • Ghost Species (by Justin Hayward, United Kingdom)

  • StarPeople: Our Evolution (by Kelly LaCombe, USA)

  • Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood (by Frank Hays, USA)

  • S.T.A.R (by Yael Deynes, USA)

  • Raggedy Ann Heart (by Heather McPhaul, USA) 

  • Unison Kismet: The Twin Samaritan (by Francesco Pio Capussela, USA)

  • The Night Walk (by Nikhail Asnani, USA)

  • The Christians - Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile (by Tony Gioutsos, USA)

  • Flaws of an Everlasting Memory (dir. Anh Le, USA)

  • The Postcard (by Mike Sorrinni, USA) 

  • Faithful Shadow (by Kevin J. Howard, USA) 


  • Malevolent Dolls (by Vashmere Valentine, USA) 

  • Guérisseur-Héros (by Danny Cotton, United Kingdom)

  • Amy Eventually (by Kay Phillips, USA) 

  • She Dances Under My Skin (by Sam Gill, New Zealand) 

  • Heist (by Kevin Machate, USA)

  • Bullets Have Eyes (by Ron Clemons, USA)

  • The Lincoln Gambit (by Theodore A. Adams III, USA)

  • The Orchard (by Kathryn Carmichael, United Kingdom)

  • Heaven Insurance (by Thomas Marshall-Wood, Australia)

  • Lone (by Bill Redding, USA)

  • The Miracle of Isabella Herrera (by Jomo Merritt, USA)

  • The Short Film Club (by Darren Stokes, Matthew Bancroft, United Kingdom)

  • A Week Between Us (by Rayia Banjar, Asim Altokhais, Saudi Arabia) 

  • The Waterwheel Forest (by Della Greenawalt, USA) 

  • Breaking & Entering (by Michael Hogan, USA)

  • A Helping Hand (by Sam Gill, New Zealand)

  • Dire Consequences (by Joseph Leone, USA)

  • A Minor Malfunction (by Cheng Yang, USA) 

  • Dandelion Wishes (by Sammy Kistell, United Kingdom)

  • Slot (by Megan Tremethick, United Kingdom)

  • Replaceable Parts (by Vance Berk, USA)

  • Ocean Child (by Laura Koons, Marilyn Swick, USA)

  • Straight Outta the Funny Papers (by Lance Roger Axt, USA)

  • Echoes (by Laura MacDougall, United Kingdom)

  • Ashes (by Alicia Ocana, USA)

  • Letting Go (by Jessica Eberle, USA)


  • Serial (by Robert Benjamin, USA)

  • Piney Ridge (by La'Chris Jordan, USA)

  • Witness Protection (by Bristol Mac Donald, USA)

  • Sunflower Care (by Della Greenawalt, USA)

  • At the Pictures (by Raymond M., United Kingdom)

  • Perdition (by Paul Mackie, United Kingdom)

  • Chicagoan (by Lea Ann Vandygriff, USA)

  • Cassanova feat. Sexy Dave (by Daniel Morris, USA)

  • Good Grief (by Lara Amersey, Canada)

  • By Touch (by Robert Cox, USA)

  • A Loving Home (by Greg Sisco, USA)

  • Marty's World (by Robert Cole, USA)

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