Anna, a middle-aged single mother, lives in a small industrial town in war-torn Eastern Ukraine. She works in a meat processing plant, lives in a rundown apartment and dreams for a better life for herself and her 16-year-old daughter. Desperate for a change, she is lured by a radio advertisement to attend a party organized for foreign men who are touring the country, searching for love.

Year: 2019

Status: Palm Springs Premiere

Screening in: Shorts Block 3

Genre: Drama / Foreign

Country: Ukraine

Language: English, Ukrainian

Runtime: 0:15:00 mins



Dekel Berenson

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Dekel Berenson is a former strategic start-up consultant turned award winning filmmaker. After completing a mandatory three year service in the Israeli Defence Forces he moved to Budapest to complete a master’s degree in International Relations. He then helped numerous companies, taking business ideas from conception to product launch. 
In 2011 he went travelling, reaching far away places like the North Pole and Mount Everest. Always a keen observer of human nature and the human condition, Dekel’s travels led him to commit his energies and creativity to writing and directing films that examine relationships across boundaries of culture and society. 


He returned to London in 2016 to write, direct, and produce his first film, ​The Girls Were Doing Nothing.​ The film has received critical acclaim and has been screened in more than 50 festivals worldwide. His second short film, ​Ashmina​, was inspired by his travels and premiered at the 62 BFI London Film Festival. 

In 2019, his third short film ​Anna premiered in official Competition during the Cannes Film Festival. Dekel is currently working on his first feature film, ​Broken Wings.​ The film will be made up of five segments, each shot in a different country, and will capture the struggles that women face around the world, regardless of their age, race, or social background.