• Faelder - Unheilbar (dir. Andreas Pfohl & Fariba Buchheim, Germany) 

  • Free to Roam (dir. Gianluca Maruotti, Italy) 

  • The Cry (dir. Nikita Dovzhenko, Czech Republic) 

  • C’mon Tigre · Behold The Man (dir. Marco Molinelli & Domenico Tedone, Italy) 

  • Kiss Me Malibu (dir. Mikel Arraiz, Spain) 

  • Mad About The Boy (dir. Samir Bhamra, United Kingdom)

  • Materialistic (dir. Xavier Hamel, USA) 

  • No Avocados in the Ghetto (dir. John Connor Hammond, USA) 

  • Silver Light (dir. Brad McDermott, Canada) 

  • A Band Widow's Lament (dir. Patrick Sites,Tomas Herrera & Doug Usher, USA )


  • Sawah (Trailer) (dir. Adolf El Assal, Luxembourg)

  • The Birth of Deceit (Trailer) (dir. Yaw Agyapong, USA) 

  • Effigy – Poison and the City (dir. Udo Flohr, USA) 

  • Bark (Trailer) (dir. Anthony Penney, USA)

  • Forgotten Heroes - The Robert Hartsock Story (Trailer) (dir. Jim Huggins, USA) 

  • Whiskey Ginger (dir. Chris Marcantel, USA) 

  • Oxford Through the Lens (dir. Douglas Vernimmen & Robbie Dickson, United Kingdom) 


  • “Por Minha Rua” (Performed by Zeca Baleiro & Dany Lopez, from the feature film “2”) 

  • “Infatuation” (Written & Performed by Paget Biscayne, from the feature film “Foxy”) 

  • “Journey On” (Written by Amy Collins, Performed by Elms District, from the feature film “Journey Home”) 


  • Manny Fantasma (Score) (Composed by Charly, USA) 

  • After Hundred Thousand Hours (Score) (Composed by Rassam Lordakani, Italy) 

  • Platonic (Score) (Composed by Ezra Reich, USA) 

  • A Life in August (Score) (Composed by Haston McLaren, United Kingdom) ​

  • The Bastard Sword (Score) (Composed by Eveshka Ghost, United Kingdom) 

  • 2 (Score) (Composed by Zeca Baleiro, Brazil) 


  • EXT

  • Beyond Us - A Last Story after the Collapse

  • Ronaldo

  • Flotating

  • Red Wheat Fields

  • The Cocaine Famine

  • Perfidy.

  • The Birth of Deceit

  • The Carpool

  • Living Idle

  • Rise n’ Shine

  • The Mask I Wear

  • Miniature Wargaming The Movie

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