• ZAPP (by Justin Hayward & James A. Allen, United Kingdom) 

  • The New Wine (by Matthew Douglas Pinard, USA) 

  • The Copeland Kids (by Cecilia Copeland, USA) ​

  • Tales from Mysterion: The Hidden Island (by Richard Garcia Morgan & Ryan Jaroncyk, USA) 

  • Runaway Cruise (by Theodore Carl Soderberg, USA) 

  • Callers to Our World (by Salvatore A. Bono, USA) 

  • Shadows End (by Jean Maye, United Kingdom) 

  • Adam and the Aliens (by Nathaniel Baker, USA) 

  • Ricky Unidas: Chapter One, Verse Two (by Carmen Lindsay, USA) 

  • Journey of Innocence Lost (by Lea Ann Vandygriff, USA) 

  • Executed and Risen (by Salvatore A. Bono, USA) 

  • At the Mercy of Faith (by Samuel Taylor, USA) 

  • Last Stop (by Cathy Beasley, USA) 


  • Twenty-Nineteen (by Paul Zambrano) 

  • Welcome to The Bone Yard (by Elanor Miller, United Kingdom) 

  • Samantha (by Kieran Freemantle, United Kingdom) 

  • Road Trip Anyone? (by Lea Ann Vandygriff, USA) 

  • Odd Bird (by Katy Dore, USA) 

  • Ache (by LeLe Park, USA) ​


  • Mythical History (by Cecilia Michelangeli, Italy) 

  • The Bliss Killer (by LeLe Park, USA) 

  • Viking Queen (by Nicholas Kotar & Ryan Jaroncyk, USA) ​

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