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  • KEYS (by John Winston Rainey, USA)

  • The Omega Tots (by Jeff Bassetti, USA) 

  • Glass Angel  (by Lea Ann Vandygriff, USA)

  • One Shot  (by Dave Thomas, Ireland)

  • The Salt Box  (by Robert J. Rogers, USA)

  • Nora (by Skyler Lawson, USA)

  • Don  (by Alberto Battistutti, Italy)

  • Napoleon (short form)  (by Ian T. Burns, United Kingdom)

  • The Door  (by Robert Cox, USA)

  • Tazmin Base (by Patrick Devaney, USA)

  • The Color of Evil  (by Connie Corcoran Wilson, USA)

  • Express Delivery (by Beau Fowler, United Kingdom)

  • The Open Hill  (by Ricky Tyree, USA)

  • The Anti-Love Story  (by Brandon Jack, Chris Kyleen, Sarah Hoffman, USA)

  • Indian Billy Ice (by Jerry Stephen Ice, USA)

  • The Phoenician (by Larry Thomas, USA)

  • Requital (by David Whelan, Ireland)


  • Lambing  (by Katie McNeice, Ireland) 

  • The Journey (by Dave Thomas, Ireland)  

  • Talia (by Cara Bamford, United Kingdom)  

  • Shepard (by Jessica Eberle, USA) 

  • Condemned (by Ben Fiore, USA)  

  • When the Rain Sets In (by James Hughes, United Kingdom)  

  • Dirty Winds (by Andrew Huggins, USA) 

  • Freedom of Choice (by Kimberly Jade Soliman, USA) 

  • Happy People Anonymous  (by Andrea Holz, Canada)

  • For the Love of Fear (by Luke Hanlon, Ireland)

  • The Vest (by William Ebert, USA)

  • In Orbit  (by Katie McNeice, Ireland)

  • Nostalgic  (by Shannon Michelle, USA)

  • Of Magpies (by Katie McNeice, Ireland)

  • Either Way, We Burn (by Michelle Lewis, USA)

  • The Remnant (by Kaitlyn Kowalski, USA)

  • A Silence So Loud (by Michelle Lewis, USA)

  • Medusa Melrose: Drag Queen Hypnotist (by Dexter E. Williams, USA)