Set on the unruly outskirts of Mumbai, Bagheera is the determined leader of an Indian Girl Scout troop, teaching her girls everything from first aid to snake handling. After a troop meeting one evening, Bagheera is abducted by a brutal assailant, Kaka (Uncle). He drives her to a run-down dairy, dumps her in an electrified cage and a twisted psychological battle ensues. 

Year: 2019 

Premiere Status: Palm Springs Premiere

Screening in: Shorts Block 3

Genre: Mystery / Thriller

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Runtime: 0:18:33 mins



Christopher R. Watson

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Christopher is a writer/director who has been living in Mumbai, India, for most of the last five years. As Indian cinema is experiencing an extraordinary new wave of independent storytelling, Chris is focussed on developing films that will contribute to this movement. He is fascinated by contemporary Indian culture, seeing it as a unique lens for exploring global issues, and has developed three feature length films in Hindi language. These productions are designed to find resonance with both Indian and International audiences. Christopher has also directed numerous commercial productions. These include TV Commercials, corporate communications, music videos, short films and Feature Film Productions.