A child who is building his own identity is confronted to the religious fantism of his father. This violence reaches its paroxysm the day the father discovers his 12 year-old son dressing up as a woman in the parents’ bedroom. This incident has a serious impact on his sexual behavior as an adult.

Year: 2019

Premiere Status: California Premiere

Screening in: Shorts Block 2

Genre: Experimental / Love is Love

Country: Belgium

Language: French

Runtime: 0:08:38 mins



Patrick Serre

  • Vimeo - Black Circle

After an experience of about 10 years as a technician in the film industry and as a teacher in film technics, Patrick Serre decides to experiment directing. Patrick is passionate about electronic music and by image and he likes to mix both in order to convey feelings. Chair Amour is a perfect example of a sensibility for esthetics set on screen. Two films in the form of a video clip from his pioneering work are worth mentioning here: "Les Corbeaux" ("The Crows") and "Kelton Prima - Dallas en brie".