• Misdial (by Joshua Fagan, Canada) 

  • Maria Isabella Silvalessa (by Hunter Ridgway, USA) 

  • Pinwheel (by Michael McDonald, USA) 

  • Aktion T-4 (by John Martins III, USA) 

  • The Haunting of Reactor Five (by Robert Cox, USA) 

  • Ube Bubog, Vol. One, 'School of Hard Knocks' (by Sway Stagall, Philippines) 

  • Skewed Blue (by Andrea Gibson, USA) 

  • Oakland  (by Andrew Koponen, USA) 

  • The League (by Calan Smith, United Kingdom)

  • Friends of Foes (by Tim Quinn, USA) 

  • Padre's Pandora  (by James A. Humphrey, USA) 

  • Arizona Sunrise  (by John Martins III, USA) 

  • 26 Stabs  (by A.L. Adams, USA) 


  • Songbird on the Wire (by Vance Berk, USA) 

  • Where the Heart Is (by Cody Farren, Ireland) 

  • Hand of Me  (by A.L. Adams, USA) 

  • Evening of the Evil Eye  (by Angel Connell, USA) 

  • The Watch  (by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid, USA) 

  • Shhhh....  (by Paul Zambrano) 


  • The Lucky Sixpence  (by Ryan Jaroncyk & Laura Jaroncyk, USA) 

  • Sanctuary 2023  (by Robert Cox, USA)

  • Crossing the Rubicon  (by RC Richter & Riley Adams, Canada) 

  • The Paisley Witch Trial - Pilot  (by Julia Campanelli, USA) 

  • Redemption  (by Bristol Mac Donald, USA) 

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