• Rock Tarpeian (by Salvatore A. Bono, USA) 

  • Ice Cold (by Clyde Higaki, USA) 

  • Perfect Contrition (by James Palmer, USA) 

  • The Greatest Height (by Helen Marsh, USA) 

  • Death of a Sinner (by Lea Ann Vandygriff, USA) 

  • Mickey Hardaway (by Marcellus Cox, USA) 

  • Deep East Texas (by Shaun Ireland, USA) 

  • The Dead Letter (by Simon Olivier, United Kingdom) 

  • Tuxedo Terrace (by Carmine Bicchetti, USA) 

  • A Billion Parts Per Million (by Marco Ruggio, USA) 

  • At the Mercy of Faith (by Samuel Taylor, USA) 


  • Daughters of God (by Maza White, New Zealand) 

  • The Hero in 9B (by Michael Horwitz & Molly Knight Raskin, USA) 

  • Monster In The City (by Alisa Robinson, USA) 

  • Post Production (by Ray Rocky, USA) 

  • Rabbit Still Hiding (by Hakan Ünal, Turkey) 

  • Bless You (by Eileen Wilson, United Kingdom) 

  • My Ride’s Here (by Malcolm Holt, United Kingdom) 

  • The Original Horror Story (by Lea Ann Vandygriff, USA) 

  • Deep East Texas: The Attoyac (by Shaun Ireland, USA) 

  • Etched in the Stock (by Michelle Lewis, USA)


  • Pneuma, California (by Maximilliano W.C. Del Rio, USA) 

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