“Moderately Put Together” follows a charmingly messy thirty something whose personal and professional life suffer as she loses herself in her vices: drinking, drugs, men. One morning she gets a phone call that will change everything. When Stevie Sanders discovers both her Biological parents are looking for her she is forced to make decisions she has been neglecting for years and confront a past she was trying to leave behind. We watch as she recklessly tries to avoid the situation at hand and do everything else in her power not to change. It's not until Stevie drunkenly shows up at her ex's doorstep that she finally realizes it's time to take charge of her own life and destiny.

Year: 2019

Premiere Status: Palm Springs Premiere

Screening in: Shorts Block 1

Genre: Comedy 

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 0:18:56 mins



Leigh Ann Biety

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Leigh Ann began her career in Vancouver, Canada, where she worked on set for Writers, Producers and Directors. Leigh Ann was one of five people across Canada chosen to write and direct a 35mm short film that would have a national broadcast license. Leigh Ann graduated with honors from the UCLA Extension Directing program and is now based in L.A.