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  • Restaurant La Vérité - the American Dream (by Benn Flore, Netherlands)

  • Cat and Mouse (by Bristol Mac Donald, USA)

  • 30 Coins (by Mike Edwards & Robert Jenkins, USA)

  • Red Ivory (by L.W. Thomas, USA)

  • Hollywood Heists (by Matthew McLaughlin, USA)

  • True Destiny (by Joe Leone, USA)

  • Waverly Riding (by Carla Miles, USA)

  • The Paisley Witch Trial (by Julia Campanelli, USA)

  • Backcountry (by Pamela Bolinder, USA)

  • In Real Life (by Naddine Madell, Canada)

  • Wolves of Beirut  (by Kat Sparks, USA)

  • The Path (by CJ Williams, USA)

  • Rivers of Babylon (by Tony Kayden, USA)

  • Level 5 (by Jamon Holmes, Daniel Furuya & Daniel Louis, USA)

  • The Camping Lawyer (by Lea Ann Ann Vandygriff, USA)

  • The Only Woman in the World (by Debra Markowitz, USA)

  • Little Things Mean A Lot (by Michael Monteith, USA)

  • Surfmen Of The Pacific (by Derek Quick, USA)

  • Blood Trigger (by Ron Podell, USA)

  • The Aura Affect (by Rico Garrett-Jenkins, USA)


  • Boo (by Rakefet Abergel, USA)

  • Love Thy Neighbour (by CJ Barnes, Australia)

  • New Mom (by Rakefet Abergel, USA)

  • Chloë 'Two Fingers' (by Lisa Marie Tedesco, USA)

  • The Box (by Ludo Vici, Germany)

  • Back When (by Matthew McLaughlin, USA)

  • Pluck (by Naddine Madell-Morgan, Canada)

  • I'm Not Going to Hurt You (by Catalina Gonzalez, USA)

  • God Among Us (by Elanor Miller, United Kingdom)

  • Honey (by Naddine Madell-Morgan, Canada)


  • Seasons (by Lea Ann Vandygriff, USA)

  • Love & Legacy (by Jackie Jorgenson, USA)

  • Project S.T.A.R. (by Matthew J. Muséy, USA)

  • Win (by Kathleen Wolak, USA)

  • Iron Border - "Family Secret" (by L.W. Thomas, USA)