Every endurance athlete fears him. With runners, he usually waits until somewhere between kilometer 30 and 35. Then he strikes. Again and again. Legs turn to lead, cramps and stitches set in followed by the feeling of total exhaustion. This is the so- called “The Man with the Hammer”. 

Year: 2019

Premiere Status: Palm Springs Premiere

Screening in: Shorts Block 3

Genre: Thriller / Sports

Country: Germany

Language: English

Runtime: 0:08:57 mins



Mario Zozin

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Mario went to the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Germany) where he set the groundwork for a versatile career by writing and directing music videos, commercials, and short films which won him international acclaim including a Cannes Young Director Award. He graduated in 2011. Since then, Mario’s unique combination of craft and creativity has allowed him to create commercials for a client list that includes Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Chase or Lufthansa. In 2018 he also directed his first TV-Drama Series called "Team 13" (Germany / Primetime / Five episodes). Mario currently lives with his wife and his two kids near Cologne, Germany. As an ambitious triathlete he has met "The Man With The Hammer" during races several times - fortunately he has always made it to the finish line so far.